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The Ecodistrict was awarded an Energy Challenge Grant from the City of Charlotte!

On September 10, 2010, the City of Charlotte announced the winners of their Neighborhood Energy Challenge grants, earning those neighborhoods $80,000 to improve energy efficiency.  Seven neighborhoods (Plaza-Midwood, the Avenue Condominiums, Wilmore, Merry Oaks, NoDa, Spring Park and the ecodistrict, which covers Villa Heights, Belmont and Optimist Park) were selected by the City and will be meeting monthly to discuss progress, share successes and possibly combine strategies.

Applications were judged on their proposed Energy Conservation Action Plans. The ecodistrict plan includes the following projects:

  • Light Bulb Blowout:  Distribute CFL’s to reduce use of power and increase energy awareness.
  • Bicycle Initiative:  Training and education to increase use of bicycles and reduce car use.
  • Keeping Cool:  HVAC maintenance and tips to increase efficiency of our systems.
  • Educational ecodistrict web site:  Build a centralized internet place for information, grant projects and events.
  • Bus Stop Routes Review:  Neighborhood and rider review to increase usage and ridership while possibly reducing bus emissions.

Villa Heights took the lead in our application, as they have a 501(C)3 status, so their president, Michael Gellar, is the ecodistrict’s Challenge Manager.  If you’re interested in getting involved, please email him at or call him at 877-333-1851.  Let’s go green together!


Creek Releaf

SatURDAY, NoVEMBER 20 from 9 AM to noon

Planting 2000 trees from CATS facility to 18th St. Sign up at